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When You Will Need To Use An Ireland Flag

If you are visiting Ireland, you may wonder when it is appropriate to use the Ireland flag. It is a unique flag, created for a specific purpose, and is designed to convey a message. In some countries, flags are often used in order to convey patriotism. Others are simply used to identify the allegiance of those that are using it. Sometimes the flag can be lowered or raised based upon a particular day or to represent something. Here is a brief overview of when you will need to use an Ireland flag and what it represents.


The Origins Of The Irish Flag

Hundreds of years ago the people of Ireland were in the midst of a substantial amount of war. Like many wars, this was a war between two opposing religious parties. On one side you had the Irish Protestants. On the other side, you had the Irish Catholics. On the Irish flag, which represents the Republic of Ireland, the green, orange, and white stripes are representative of what was once significant strife. The green represents the Irish Catholics. The orange represents the Protestant Catholics. The white, in the representation of surrender, is representative of the two getting along. That is the hope of those that live in Ireland that this religious war will not recur. At the very least, regardless of their religious beliefs, they will have peace in Ireland. This flag, which is representative of the religious-political landscape of the 1840s, is still flying today. However, you may not understand when it is appropriate to use this flag or why you may need it.


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What Is It Used For?

The Irish flag is just over 170 years old. If you are flying the Irish flag, that will show your allegiance to Ireland. If you are in Ireland, and you are flying the flag, then this is representative of your desire to maintain peace between not only political parties but also the Catholics and the Protestants. Throughout history, religious wars have always led to war. In some cases, political and religious parties can emerge. This was exactly what happened during the great wars during the revolution of 1848. It is for this that the flag will be flown to remember how horrible, and rejuvenative, this decade was.

Can Anyone Fly An Irish Flag?

Anyone can fly an Irish flag. There are no set rules or regulations in regard to its use. There are certain circumstances where it might be strange. For example, if you were in a neighborhood that was predominantly Scottish or English, it would simply identify you as being Irish. As with many countries, it is improper to desecrate the flag in any manner. This is a symbolic declaration of war in some sense. The goal of the flag is to represent the benefits of peace between both sides that wage war against each other nearly 2 centuries ago.

What If You Want To Obtain An Irish Flag?

If you would like to fly the Irish flag, you can likely buy it at a local store. You may find it on the Internet as well. If you want one that is authentic, produced in Ireland by an Irish business, it should be easy to locate. If you do have Irish heritage, it would be perfectly normal for you to have an Irish flag. However, there is no specific reason that the Irish flag should be used other than for the purpose of commemorating this outstanding country and its people.

Is There Another Name For This Flag?

If you are having problems finding it, the national flag of Ireland is also referred to as the Irish tricolor. As mentioned before, it represents the overwhelming majority of Irish Catholics, and the minority of Irish Protestants, and the hope that they can find some common ground. Regardless of the shades of the colors, this flag actually has its origins going back to the French Revolution. Originally presented as a gift in 1848, it was designed to bring peace to the nation. Green is representative of the Roman Catholics. The orange is based upon the name of the Protestant leader who was William of Orange. Therefore, if you search for the Irish tricolor flag, you will find the three colored flag representing the Irish nation.

The only time that you will absolutely need an Irish flag is if you are part of a governmental organization. Some people may also use it at a burial. This is very common in countries that have their own flags. It may also be used for military purposes as well. Regardless of the purpose, however, it conveys one central meaning. That meaning is that war was once waged, and peace was found, a central idea that embodies this tricolored flag of Ireland that you can easily obtain online.